Everyone in the trucking industry with a pulse knows that the driver shortage in our country is a growing problem.  The ATA states that we currently have a shortage of approximately 48,000 drivers. There are some analysts that expect that shortage to balloon to 170,000 or more by 2025.  Pay and time at home are consistently the top issues cited as the reason why more people are not getting into or are leaving a driving career.

While the rest of the industry seems to be struggling with the shortage, here at Team Drive Away, we are hiring more drivers than ever. Currently we have grown our driver base by 23% year over year.  It has been a more focused effort and we have applied significant resources to recruiting and retaining drivers. “It is a big part of our growth strategy”, says Scott Shacklett, CEO Team Drive Away. “We are redefining how we attract and keep drivers. We were in such a rut using the same ole ads and communicating the same ole way. We had to do things differently if we were going to grow our driver base in this market. We have taken some big swings and it has paid off.” What are those swings? We are not telling. However, one thing is clear, you must re-evaluate your recruiting strategy if you want to grow.

The increased number of drivers means better service for our customers. The additional capacity provides more options to move loads. As a results Team has experienced explosive growth in 2017 delivering loads for 40% more customers.  “It’s a snowball effect”, says Nate Snook, Dispatch Manager. “The additional driver capacity has resulted in more business. The more loads have resulted in more connectivity. Combine that with our industry leading software and no one can compete with us on getting loads moved quickly. It’s an exciting time to here at Team!”


About Team Drive Away:

Team Drive–Away is the trucking industry’s leading provider of commercial vehicle transport and delivery. Whether you are buying trucks, selling trucks, or making terminal moves, let Team Drive-Away coordinate moving your assets. Thousands of fleets, dealers, and other asset managers, have already discovered significant cost savings and improved efficiency through Team Drive-Away.