Welcome to Team Drive-Away

Team Drive-Away is the nation's most reliable truck transporter service provider. We stake this claim because we give you:


We focus on hiring only the best drivers in the market and treat them with dignity and respect so that they deliver great drive away service EVERY time.


We contract with the most deck drivers so we can meet your new or used commercial truck drive-away needs, whether it is for single or deck moves, boom loads or specialty moves EVERY time.


Team Drive-Away has over 40 years of truck drive away experience. That can only mean one thing: We do truck drive away because we love it... We love it because we do it well.


To do what we say and say what we mean. We will always give you the following:

  • Excellent, Reliable Truck Moving Service
  • Honest Delivery Dates
  • Fair and Competitive Pricing.
  • Respectful and Friendly Drivers.
  • Accountable and Helpful Dispatch Team.