• Capacity – How many drivers does the truck transport company have? Our industry leading deck training program has produced more deck drivers than any other truck transport company. As a result we deck more used trucks than anyone!
  • Decking Trucks – When it comes to choosing a truck transport company there are several to choose from. However, only a few actually deck trucks. If you have moving all your trucks as singles you could be costing yourself money by not decking them. At Team Drive Away our deck training program has resulted in us having more deck drivers than any other truck transport company.
  • Fast and On Time Delivery – Almost any truck transport company will claim to be on-time.  It is a different story to be on-time and fast. It is easy to be on-time if your 14 to 21 days out. What about 5 to 7 days out. Here at Team Drive Away our in-house developed dispatch system is the most sophisticated in our industry. Our system gives us the visibility and flexibility to match drivers to your loads resulting in Team Drive Away being the fastest and most on-time truck transporter in the industry.
  • Safety Scores – Why should this matter? Safety scores monitored by the FMCSA measure unsafe driving, driver quality, and alcohol/drug violations. Poor scores, especially with unsafe driving and driver quality means you could be putting your truck at risk.   Here at Team Drive Away we have great scores because we have an industry leading safety program.  Safety is part of our DNA and moving your trucks damage free is our priority.
  • Insurance Coverage –Things do happen in transit no matter how good you are. We have 3 levels of insurance to keep you financially protected. Very few truck transport companies provide the level of insurance that you will get with Team Drive Away.

        Team Drive-Away is the trucking industry’s leading provider of commercial vehicle transport and delivery. Whether you are buying trucks, selling trucks, or making terminal moves, let Team Drive-Away coordinate moving your assets. Thousands of fleets, dealers, and other asset managers have already discovered significant cost savings and improved efficiency through Team Drive-Away.