Lost Opportunity Cost – This is a big one. Many fleets are using their drivers to move assets around either to make terminal moves, move units to a wholesaler, moving units to auction, picking up abandoned trucks, etc.   It is easy to count the cost of their drivers moving these units, but what is often missed is the cost of lost opportunity due to putting drivers on non-revenue producing loads. Instead of dead heading trucks, fleets could utilize a truck transport service to move those units. Meanwhile, keeping their drivers on productive loads that generate revenue for their company.

Capacity – We all know that one of the struggles most fleets face is finding good drivers. We have a significant driver shortage in our industry that is projected to only get worse in the coming years.  Every available driver matters and using a much needed driver for an asset move it probably not getting priority. However, truck transport companies are growing capacity and have available drivers to make those asset moves.

Efficiency – What if you have multiple trucks to move? Fleets need a driver for every truck that moves. There are a few Truck Transport companies that can deck up to 4 trucks at a time. This especially comes important when moving trucks long distances.  Imagine a fleet moving 4 trucks 1500 miles with 4 drivers. That is 6000 driver miles vs a truck transport service provider with 1500 driver miles. That is 6000 miles of driver pay, insurance, wear and tear, not to mention potential problems in route. The amount of trucks that can be moved with less drivers could make a huge difference not only in a fleet’s capacity, but also on the bottom line.


Here is a Team Drive Away 4-way decked set of trucks. No other truck transporter decks as many trucks as we do!