Save money over freight hauling – 

If you work in the trucking industry then you are probably feeling very encouraged with how the freight market is beginning to turn around. We are seeing a long awaited recovery that is putting the wind back in the sails of our industry. However, with the recovery means higher rates. That is great for transport companies, but means higher cost for shippers transporting freight.

When it comes to transporting trucks there are still a lot of trucks today that are being put lowboys and RGN trailers. The cost to transport trucks this way is approximately $3 per mile or more. If trucks are over-weight or over-dimensional that rate could be as high as $5 per mile plus permits.

If you are transporting a drivable truck, using a drive away service is your best bet to saving on transport costs.  Rates for transporting a truck with a drive away service are half the cost of putting a truck on a trailer. For standard tractors you are looking at $1.50 per mile and for over-weight trucks you are looking at $2 per mile rate plus permits.

Efficiency cost with piggybacking –

Some drive away companies have the ability to piggyback trucks. In other words they can move trucks 2, 3, and even 4 at a time. Now, if you are moving more than one truck here is where the savings really add up.  To move 3 trucks, for example, by piggybacking them you are looking at $3 per mile plus wrecker charges. Your cost to piggyback 3 trucks is about that same as if you move 1 truck on a trailer. Let’s look at how this breaks down on a transport from Dallas, TX to Ontario, CA which comes out to be approximately a 1400 mile run.

         Put on trailer cost:

3 separate trips x 1400 miles = 4,200 miles

4,200 miles x $3 per mile = $12,600

        Piggyback trucks cost:

1 trip x 1400 miles = 1400 miles

1,400 miles x $3 per mile = $4,200

Add another $200 to $300 for wrecker charges


You can see that you save approximately $8,000 by piggybacking trucks!!

Driver capacity for fleets–

If you are a fleet and have historically managed moving your own trucks with drivers in your fleet, you may want to think about working with a drive away service. Fleets move trucks for a variety of reasons such as, terminal to terminal moves, when trucks are acquired or sold, and at times when drivers abandon trucks and they need to be picked up.

In our current market you have to keep your drivers busy on productive loads that are generating revenue. Working with a drive away service allows you to stay focused on utilizing your capacity to generate revenue. Put the non-revenue generating asset moves in the hands of an experienced drive away service that can add value to your business with additional driver capacity.


About Team Drive Away:

Team Drive–Away is the trucking industry’s leading provider of commercial vehicle transport and delivery. Whether you are buying trucks, selling trucks, or making terminal moves, let Team Drive-Away coordinate moving your assets. Thousands of fleets, dealers, and other asset managers, have already discovered significant cost savings and improved efficiency through Team Drive-Away.