It has long been believed that to be good at the commercial truck transport business that you need good drivers to rely on, good dispatchers that can put loads together, and sales people that set good expectations.  That is still true today, however technology is another component that will create a better experience for customers and drivers.

The relationship between dispatcher and driver is extremely important, but one could argue that the tools that both dispatch and driver have to stay organized are equally just as important. Respect and good relationships are everything when working with drivers. A dispatcher that does not have good relationship with drivers will struggle. Conversely, dispatchers that have good relationships with their drivers will thrive.  Technology that keeps both organized and on the same page can actually strengthen or improve the relationship.

This is similar to the relationship between sales people and customers.  Customers are smarter and more informed than ever. A customer is always a click of a mouse away from finding information. As a result relationships are more important than ever.  Communication is key in these relationships. Technology that allows sales reps to keep customers updated on loads allows the customer interaction to be not all business all the time.   Technology can also help sales reps set better expectations when it comes to delivery times vs throwing a time against the wall and hoping it sticks.

Here at Team Drive Away we have a team of IT professionals that are devoted to developing better technology to improve the overall experience for drivers and customers.  We pride ourselves on having the most data accessible and robust management system in the drive away industry.  Our technology is a big part of why Team Drive Away is the fastest and most on-time drive away company.


Here is a few comments from our own people:

“ Having the ability to understand where are capacity is at any given day allows me to provide customers with better ETA’s compared to any of our competition “

               Leon Cauble – Sales Rep for Team Drive Away

“Drivers love running for us because I have the tools to always keep them updated on their next load, giving them confidence to stay running for Team”

               Kevin Cohan – Dispatcher for Team Drive Away